Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 13:
Today we ventured into Seoul all by ourselves! We really stuck out with our camera and our "Top 100 Seoul Destinations" tourist book, lol. The subway wasn't too bad, and we made it to Sinchon station without any problems- but once we got off the subway, we made a few wrong turns. Sinchon is close to alot of universities in Seoul and is a very young and trendy area .We expected to find the shopping market right when we got off of the subway, but instead we ended up in a dirty, traditional food market...
Once we found our way out of there, we roamed a few back alleys and colorful neighbourhoods before somehow stumbling into the right area.

The streets were packed with young people shopping at all of the small and trendy boutiques and street vendors.
As we walked around, we found lots of cute little restaurants, random street art and a tons of shoe stores! The entire area was awesome, and we wandered the streets for hours. We had lunch at a Korean style burger shop that was very funky, with big red velvet chairs and artwork all over the walls. The students definetly have a major influence on the area, and give it a great artsy vibe.

As we were heading back to the subway at the end of the afternoon, some students stopped us to see if we wanted to participate in a story telling project they were doing for school. Brandon hopes he'll make the final cut for the project...

Tomorrow we are headed to a smaller town for a ceramic festival, which should give us a good chance to see a different part of the country. More photos to come, but for now we're off to bed.

With love from South Korea,
Shayna & Brandon