Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 20:
Another busy week here in Korea! Yesterday was Teacher's Day which means that our kid's parents had the chance to bribe us with gifts, lol. Canada should really adopt this idea because we ended up with some awesome stuff. Since I (Shayna) teach the pre-kinder kids, I got pretty lucky because I guess the parents know what a handful they can be. From a class of 11 kids, I got over $200 dollars in gift certificates to a really nice department store called Hyundai, and from all my other students I got : Bath & Body works and Body Shop lotions, a personalized mug that says I love you teacher written on it from my student named June, a scarf, a Lacoste t-shirt, a few roses and lots of candy! Brandon got awesome stuff to. He got Clinique Happy for men cologne, a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, a bottle of wine, shaving supplies, and some really good cookies :)
Along with the awesome gifts, some of the kids gave us cards which are priceless! One card I got from a grade 3 boy said " You teach us very good. Please teach us many things. Let's be intimate. Thank you." Brandon got one that said, " Thank you for teaching me, you are handsome and kind. I love you." All of the hand written cards are so sweet! Days like that make it all worthwhile :) We'll have to take some shots of the kids soon to show you just how cute they really are. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

With love from South Korea,
Shayna & Brandon