Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 30: Friday was Poly's Mini Olympics, so we spent the entire morning and early afternoon in the park with all of the pre-kinder and kindergarten kids! It was fun to be outside and we had great weather. It was awesome to spend some time with the kids outside of the classroom and our director asked Shayna to photograph the event...so we finally have photos of our kids to share with you!
In the photos above, Brandon is with his home room class, Rylant (all of the classes are last names of children's authors). Starting on the far right there is Solomon, Ashley, Christina, and Alex is the one hanging on Brandon's neck. Below is another shot of his of those four, since the other kids were off playing and didn't want their photos taken :)

These next two are from Brandon's other kindergarten class, Vincent who he teaches science to. On top we have James,whose a bit of a hand full but has a big heart. On the bottom we have Michael who is really smart and a very sweet kid.

The rest of these shots are of Shayna's kids. First we have my home room class, Blume. To say they are a handful would be a huge understatement. They are extremely cute and very wild! This first photo is of Justin and Esther, they are the best of friends on most days as you can see in this photo :) But, it was only a few days ago that he strangled her against the wall and she cried on my shoulder for 25 minutes, lol.
Next we have Scott, who is so sweet but pretty clueless. This picture captures him perfectly, he kind of looks confused and somewhat lost at all times but never gives me any real trouble. Yesterday, he gave me my first experience with puke! I looked aver and he was covered in it, poor kid :( He just shrugged it off, washed his face and came right back to class- he's a trooper!
Then we have Daniel, who is the complete opposite of Scott. Although I think he is one of the cutest kids I teach, he gives me the most problems. He never pays attention and is constantly hitting anyone that comes near him- so he keeps me on my toes at all times!

Next, this is Louis on the left and Justin on the right- the two class clowns. they are so cute but so crazy. Always making faces at everyone and getting each other to laugh, its hard to get mad when they are really so cute!
This picture of Thomas is my favorite from the whole day! He just finished some type of game where they had to fish gummi worms our of some type of powder and this was taken 5 minutes after the game was over and he was still walking around with it hanging out of his mouth :) As you can see, he gets the cutest little dimple on his cheek when he smiles, that I think is so adorable. He is one of the younger ones in the class, and needs help at all times. He's a handful but I adore him!
Now we have John, who is easily one of the best behaved kids in the class. As you can see, he's a cutie and if only I had 12 John's I'd have a perfect class :)
Finally, we have Nari (left) and June (right). Nari is super cute and super sweet, and June is super cute and a little evil. People always think June is so cute at first glance (this is not her best photo...) and then the more you look at her the more you see the mischief in her eyes. She always lends people things and then two minutes later starts a fight with them because she's decided she wants them back. No matter how much she gets yelled at, she always says she loves me :) She's the one who gave me the mug on Teacher's day that she wrote i love my teacher on, awww. She also dresses in some sort of princess dress on most days which makes it hard to yell at her with a straight face. I do love this class, they make me nuts, but they are good kids at heart.Lastly, here are a few on my second pre-kinder class, Carle. I dont have photos of them all- and I'm also missing some of Blume now that I think of it but I'll find more to post another day. Anyways, starting from the left, we have Henry, Eric, Andy, and Rose. These kids are angels compared to the others, they all love each other and are great friends. Today I actually had to stop class becuase Eric would not stop kissing Jacob (pictured below) :) They really are adorable!
This is Lina, she is the youngest of the pre-kinder kids and I love her. She is so quiet and by far the cutest girl in the class. She is pretty shy and her smaile makes me melt :)
Last but not least, we have the three of my favorite boys- from the left: Jacob, Eric, and Henry. Jacob is so smart and so sweet, he makes my job much easier. Eric has total A.D.D but is his cuteness makes up for his complete lack of focus at all time, lol. Finally there is Henry, who is awesome! He always asks me to stay and eat lunch with him, and gives me a big hug before I leave the room.

So, there you have it, these are (most of) our kids. Sorry for the really long post, but we want you to see who we spend our days with. So we hope you enjoyed it! We went to the Zoo on Sunday, and so expect a big post of zoo photos soon as well...but that is all for tonight.

With Love from South Korea,
Brandon & Shayna