Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 80: So we've decided to add something to our weekly blog posts. Obviously as teachers, we have a lot of marking to do for our classes- and there is nothing more fun to mark then weekly journals! The things these kids come up with are hilarious, and so we of course it's only logical that we share them with you. This week's entry comes from a girl in grade one who has been in a "relationship" with a certain boy since pre-kinder. We were all under the impression that they both "loved" each other equally, until Brandon got this journal yesterday...enjoy! (Oh, and we should mention that- he is a boy genius (for real) and she is also pretty damn smart herself)...

My best friend is Prince.
He is kind and handsome.
I like him a tiny bit, like this dot (.) *she actually drew a tiny dot, lol
I don't love him.
We both like spaghetti...Mmmm!
We both like to play!
We met someday.
Prince's merit is he carefully listens.
To me His weak parts is not very strong, or strongless, or weak.
Even though Prince has a weak part, he is still my best friend.
See you later.

Poor Prince, he totally has no idea she does not love him :(
Many more funny journals to come, our kids are priceless!
Hope your day is going well.

With love from South Korea,
Shayna & Brandon