Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 78: Hey guys! Hows it going? Things with us are great, we are still really loving Korea and exploring as much as we can. This Friday, we went to the movies- we saw Transformers 2 which one of us loved (we'll let you guess which one of us that was, lol). Then we went straight home to rest up for our day in Seoul on Saturday.
On Saturday morning, we met up with JD, Jamie, and Jenny for a day of clothes & shoe shopping for the girls and electronic and video game shopping for the boys. First we took the subway to Bupyeoung which is an underground shopping mall type thing. Being the tourists that we are, of course we spent the ride taking photos...

of this girl's awesome sparkly headphones
Jenny (above) and JD and Jamie (below)Once we got there, we dragged the boys around a million shoe stores that all looked the same for about two hours. After finding some super cute flats, a really nice dress for $10 and some flowers and bows for our hair (we're trying to fit in, lol) we agreed to move on to let the boys have their fun. We got back on the subway and headed to Yongsan which is a huge indoor/outdoor electronics market. Here's a shot of the boys trying to figure out how to navigate the place...
After we walked around a bit in the blazing heat, we decided to stop off for some lunch. We went to a food court type of place. Food courts are very different here- instead of going up and ordering your food at the restaurant you want to eat at, you have to go to a main booth in the middle of all of the restaurant and place your order there. You get a number and then when they ring your number you go to the station to pick up your food. They do everything a bit differently here, but we've gotten used to it~
After we ate we headed back outside for the boys to do some more video game shopping (Brandon got the new UFC game), while the girls took some photos...
By the time all was said and done, we were pooped, and we went home. On Sunday it poured all day so we developed some photos and just hung out inside and watched Little Miss Sunshine. It's a good thing we were able to rest Sunday, because the kids are always super crazy on Mondays and today was no exception. We hope you guys all had fabulous weekend!

With love from South Korea,
Shayna & Brandon