Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 128 : As the summer winds down, we thought we'd put together a collection of some of the cool places we've been and amazing animals we've seen over the past little while. As you all know we work pretty long days so we really try to maximize our weekends. These first few shots are from our trip to Everland, which is the Korean equivalent of Disneyland. Our friend Patrick called us at midnight the night before and we went on a whim. It was awesome, the place has all the rides of a sweet amusement park, plus the animals of a kickass zoo. This is us in front of the main garden area, trying not to get wet from the water fountain.
We came across these apes early in the day, and it was good we did because their playful and sometimes hilarious nature really set the tone for a fun day.

This chimp was lost deep in thought, pondering all of life's big questions and probably some we've never thought of.
This golden blue faced monkey didn't even look real. Brandon bought some monkey feed and was able to get them to catch the treats mid air. Our friend Patrick even got to pet one while we were off checking out the orangutans.
This is what the polar bear thought of us, apparently he had enough of us taking his pictures of him. After checking out an animal safari, I (Brandon) went on the worlds biggest wooden roller coaster which was awesome, and we also checked out the bumper cars, and tons of other fun rides. It was a great day!
These pictures are from the zoo in Seoul Grand Park, when we went there with our friends JD and Jamie. We had great weather, and it seemed like we had better timing than the first time as we got to watch a lot of the animals during thier feedings while they were nice and active. The lions were particularly intense, fighting each other for territory and leaping high in the air and devouring raw chicken in one bite. We'll try and post the videos of that later.

Here's we are at T.G.I.F.'s near Bucheon station, celebrating our "1 year till the wedding" anniversary. This is from last weekend when we ventured into Seoul to go to Coex mall. It is a great place to go to spend a rainy afternoon and it even has a huge indoor aquarium. We were really impressed with the huge shark tank that housed some rather large and deadly sharks, and especially impressed with the guy swimming in the tank with them!!
They had some cool lighting in the jely fish tank which made for some cool shots ...

There was a conveniently placed photo opportunity, with a Korean village theme in the middle of the aquarium which we couldn't resist.

This turtle was massive, probably one of the biggest I've ever seen, hanging out in a tank with about a million sardines.It took a couple passes but we finally got a shot that would do him justice.
Besides all that, the second semester of school started today, so things have been pretty hectic. We both have gotten some new kids in our classes and once we get settled we'll make a new post with some more photos of them. Hope you all enjoy what's left of the summer.

With love from South Korea,
Brandon & Shayna