Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 85: We've been in Korea now for almost 3 months and we still love it! We've had such a good time so far spending our weekends exploring the country and we always like sharing our stories with you. Since it's monsoon season right now, the rain kept us in Bucheon all weekend- so for once, we don't have any photos to share because, well we didn't do a hell of a lot. So instead, here are some pics of the kids that Shayna edited this weekend...Kate is looking very serious on top, Christina and Alex (angel and devil, lol) in the middle, and then Alex again on the bottom- pretty cute eh??
Anyways, back to our weekend...On Friday we came right home after work, made some popcorn and watched Bolt- which sucked! One of the worst animated films we've seen, but not as bad as Egore (if you've never heard of that, trust us you're not missing anything!) So Saturday, it was pouring rain when we woke up, so we waited it out for a couple of hours and then headed to school to meet up with our manager Danny to book our trip. We have summer vacation coming up this weekend, and although we planned on heading to Japan- the damn Swine flue ruined those plans. If we were to leave the country, we'd have to take a week off from work- unpaid of course to make sure we didn't get it. Pretty much, we'd be gaining an extra week off but losing about $800 so it's totally not worth it. So instead, we are going to go to Naksan beach which is said to be one of the nicest beaches in South Korea :) So that will be super fun and relaxing, we can't wait!
Later on Saturday, we met up with our friend Jenny did some shopping, helped her redecorate her place, and then came back to our place and watched Grand Torino, which is a must see! As for Sunday, we took a walk outside, did some grocery shopping, and tried to find a pool hall with pocket tables (with no luck). We spent the rest of the day watching episodes of Supernatural and just hanging out inside. So as we said, nothing too exciting...We hope you all are doing wonderful. We love you and miss you!

With love from South Korea,
Shayna & Brandon