Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 244: Its Friday again, and we finally have some time for an update. Last weekend was our friend Kristina's birthday, so all the teachers went out to celebrate on Saturday. We had dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant and headed over to the new foreigner bar in Bucheon called The Park. They had a pretty good dj there, and we were having a great time just dancing and playing pool. Our friend Jenny had given Kristina fake mustaches as a silly bday present, so she decided to share them with us so we could join in on the fun. Don't mind my (Shayna) face in these photos, the damn mustache would only stay on if I made this face...gorgeous...I know...

It was a very fun night, and it was nice to have everyone together. So on Sunday we slept in a bit, and then Brandon went to have a guitar jam with Greg and JD and I went to have some coffee with Kara and Jamie.

So now we are just getting ready to start this weekend. We went out to TGIF's last night and had an awesome dinner- its the only place to get a descent bacon cheeseburger in Korea. Oh, and I found out today that Brandon is taking me on a very romantic getaway next weekend for Valentines day, it's going to be so beautiful, I'm very excited! Hope you are all doing well, we miss you and love you lots.

With love from South Korea,
Shayna & Brandon xo