Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 15:
Yesterday we spent the day at the Ichon Ceramic Festival. It was held at a beautiful, large park in the countryside, which was two hours by bus from Bucheon. The picture above is the view from the entrance of the park. There were gorgeous flowers, awesome modern art statues and tons of families taking in the sights. First we went to the actual pottery making exhibit, where Brandon made us a vase. You can see his natural talent for ceramics showcased below :) ......

We then hiked up a mountain trail in the park, which had a beautiful and colorful view of Ichon.

There were also many interesting art sculptures all around the park in including this tree made of bells that you would normally find at temples all over South Korea.
We then went to a very interesting authentic tea ceremony held by the woman below. What was really cool, is that we were with our Korean friend who was able to translate what the woman was telling us and we were able to ask her questions to better appreciate the experience.
After the tea ceremony, we came across a traditional Korean drumming show which was very fun to watch and was filled with highly energetic performers. Shayna was in the front row taking photos, and the guy in the second photo got her to spin his top and throw it back to him in front of the entire audience.
We wound down the day by heading to a beautiful, Korean pond which had amazing flowers ...

and a Korean style terrace looking over the water....we then headed back home after a very long and eventful day.
Hope you all had a great weekend, we miss you and we hope your enjoying following along in our adventures :)

With love from South Korea,
Shayna & Brandon